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Innovation & App Development


Euphoros Ltd is a cross-platform technology develop custom application based on wide range of technology platforms so as to ensure successful implementation of your business strategies and enhancement of your operational excellence

As every customers faces unique business challenges, our team of consultants start by working closely with your team to understand your objectives and works with you in close collaboration to come up most appropriate solutions that will support and enhance all your integral business objectives. Our team of programmers, engineers, strategists, and consultants work together to create a complete end-to-end solution, with quality standards.

Technology Areas

We has expertise team of extremely talented and experienced professionals in wide range of engineering and technology areas. Our experience, which extends over 13years, enables us to support our customer in development technologically advanced, working collectively to twist themselves according to dissimilar challenging projects.

Our application development services in areas of product catalogues, healthcare, insurance, logistics distribution, finance, tours & travels, e-learning , online shopping carts, online trading portals, real estate, education and database management applications. Our dedicated structured professionals designed methodology makes available successful solutions for multitudinous business problems of information & technology.


We develop existing applications with latest technologies to ensure scalability and stoutness, re-engineering services help our clients transition their mission critical application and productions from to newer platforms. Using our proven methodology, practise, we successfully migrate and re-engineering customer legacy applications.

Re-engineering is a course of action in which an analysis of existing software systems to be studied, Use cases are developed based on this study, Additional functionality for the product is discussed and to add to system, the existing use cases are modified and new use cases are developed and added. The concept is understanding the functionality and implementation of existing software, and re-implementing the newer version, to improve the system’s functionality and performance.

Application Maintenance & Support

Euphoros Ltd provides support and management services for enterprise applications. We perform work for hire services, which extends to any and all application maintenance processes. Our development team brings you experience across on-site, web, and cloud-based platforms for multiple industries including finance, golf, healthcare, insurance, logistics distribution, finance, tours & travels, e-learning , online shopping carts, online trading portals, real estate, education. Our excellent global development and support team gives you the best execution of application management. We offers the complete range of value added services incorporates application maintenance, monitoring, support, and help desk services.

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