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Infrastructure Management

Euphoros ltd provides IT Infrastructure services to clients across all industries and specialised support division which offers a complete range of customized remote and onsite administration services for managing network infrastructure 24x7,

We support IT Infrastructure services to clients across all areas like Hardware update and refresh, Storage Implementation, Infrastructure Assessment, Server Consolidation, Backup and Recovery, Network Implementation (Router, Firewall, VPN, Web and Mail Servers) , Security Implementation .Euphoros has years of experience, the vision, and the track record in helping businesses implement and maintain long lasting IT Infrastructure strategies in all market segments. We has the talent to deliver all this and more for your business.

Virtualisation Management

As the technology grows day by day, virtualization can helps to adopt new technology and it will helps the business world to increase the reliability ,scalability and efficiency of their entire IT infrastructure .We have a specialised trained team to handle your virtualization environment. We have expertise in popular virtualisation technologies VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud computing will help us to scale the performance of our application in an easy and cost efficient manner. We have a dedicated team of expertise to design, implement and manage the cloud solutions using Amazon web services, we can also manage your dedicated data centre infrastructure should your business require that – manage your development and testing environments , 24x7 monitoring and maintenance of production environments.

Proactive Monitoring and Backup Management

Monitoring has a major role to maximise availability of the business critical services and servers were we already protected by euph’s 24/7 proactive monitoring services. Our team can handle backup and resource monitoring process. For all critical data it’s a must thing to have a proper backup mechanism in place. We are the pioneers in designing, implementing and monitoring the backup process.

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