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Pharmaceutical Industry

Today pharmaceutical industry is facing big challenges such as increase of drug discovery costs, competitiveness with other companies, shift to Biotech, change in customer demographics, etc... In order to endure, pharmaceutical companies need to produce innovative business solutions to meet the unique and challenges and produce the stated outcomes, pharmaceutical companies are partnering with IT companies

Euphoros is armed with a team of professionals have experience with the pharmaceutical industry’s practices and validation requirements through the global supply chain .this enables us to deliver innovative solutions that will helpyou to produce products faster and at lower cost.


  • portal technologies,

  • enterprise resource applications,

  • performance management,

  • Business Intelligence,

  • enterprise application integration,

  • content management,

  • data warehousing applications,


  • Documentation help

  • Enterprise Management

  • Organization Management

  • System Administration

  • Alerts and Messaging

  • High end technical support

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