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Retail & Wholesale Distribution

Today’s Wholesale & Retail Distribution organizations need to transform themselves from a traditional trading company into an information and service-oriented distribution business. Consumers are demanding lower prices, shorter delivery times .shopping habits are evolving and everything is available at all times of the day, and expectations of customers are therefore rising faster.

Using a smart mobile phones, tablet, or a PC, consumers are able to participate in almost anything at the time and place of their choosing. This fast-paced shift towards technology is now essential to creating unique, satisfying customer experience that will keep your business growing. We have helped our clients build business-to-business as well as business-to-customer, solutions that are rich in features, technically powerful and attractive in design, many of e-commerce websites and retail management and POS systems

Technology have found a place in all aspects of the retail industry, from automating the manufacturing processes to managing in inventory and right till the shipping and analytics, software have found a place in all aspects of the business. We helps retails around the world and across all retails formats increase their growth by developing new organizational and technological solutions and services. Our team works alongside you to customize strategies and create solutions. Resulting in improved collaboration with customers and supplier, increased responsiveness.

We provide development, design and maintenance services, and can offer technology advice to help you choose a suitable e-commerce platform for your business.


  • B2B portals,

  • Supply chain management,

  • Vendor management,

  • Order management,

  • Warehouse management,

  • Customer relationship management,

  • E-Commerce application development,


  • Product Pricing and Commissions,

  • Rebates, Billbacks and Chargebacks,

  • Optimized Warehouse Management,

  • Forecast and Consumption-Based Planning (MRP),

  • Point of sale,

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